Courageous and Candid Conversations on the Relentless Challenges of Behavioral Health: From Crisis to Recovery

About the Podcast

Starting in April 2021, The Florida Program for Behavioral Health Improvement and Solutions will be hosting a series of podcasts to engage a wide variety of Florida and national stakeholders to explore some of the ongoing and pervasive barriers to achieve lasting improvements in the treatment of serious mental illness in adults and children. Discussions will explore current and promising new treatments, leverage the expertise of front line psychiatrists, primary care physicians, community mental health centers, managed care entities, consumers, advocacy groups and community agencies to provide insights and implementable recommendations to ease the burden of those suffering from a behavioral health condition.

Watch for upcoming announcements of participants and dates. For questions, comments, or participant suggestions, please contact Sabrina Singh at

Episode List

2021-10-21: Equity of Behavioral Health

2021-7-21: Increasing Access to Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

2021-5-11: Conversation About the Utilization of Ketamine: When Is It Appropriate

2021-4-14: For Individuals with Behavioral Health Diagnoses: The Road to Recovery Includes Addressing Poverty and Social Exclusion

2021-4-12: The Current Status of Behavioral Health in Florida: Psychiatry in Times of Crisis – What Next?

The Florida Behavioral Health Collaborative Pediatric Hotline

Offers a coaching experience between child and adolescent psychiatrists and pediatric primary care providers.

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